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Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580

Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580 - Thank to user SevenMaxs now user with Lenovo S580 device can enjoy custom recovery with material design view, using this guide i will try to show you how to install custom recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580.
This guide is will modified your original recovery to custom, i will warm you that once you replace it you cannot restore it back without having any backup, so please make backup first before starting following this guide. Following this guide also will remove your Lenovo S580 warranty because it will change or modified system file that not allowed.
This guide will not computer so there will be several driver that need to install before you can continued reading the guide, installation driver will be place on requirement section.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR) 

Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580

Recovery already can managed :

  • full support for SELinux 
  • mounting two flash drives - internal and removable SDcard PC mode MTP
  • mount removable SDcard PC mode MassStorage
  • Choice of FS (ext2, ext3, ext4, f2fs, exFAT, FAT32) for the formatted partition .. 
  • removal of screenshots by clamping power + Volume down (stored / sdcard / Pictures / Screenshots) 
  • support for OTA
  • full functionality ADB
  • operation charge battery 
  • Added ability to set img-files (for this transition to Install and in the top pane to switch from Install Zip on the Install Image )
Screen Shots :
Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580 Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580

Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580 Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580

Downloads :

  • TWRP v2.8.6.1 File custom recovery that can be install using bat command
  • ADB Interface Driver Android Debug Bridge, install this and your computer will be able to communicate with your android phone.
  • miror : TWRP_S580_TWRP_v2.8.6.1 Install using any custom recovery, or install through recovery mode
Requirements :
  • Must use windows operating system, because need to run bat file that only can run on windows 
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Lenovo S580 first and make sure it active when connect to computer.
  • Install ADB Interface driver first before continue to the next step, will return error on bat file when not install first.
Installing Custom Recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580
  1. Download TWRP v2.8.6.1 and extract it on the root of any drive.
  2. After enable USB debugging connect your device to computer using usb cable, on device manager must be exist Lenovo Composite ADB Interface.
  3. Now just run Flash-TWRP_S580.bat, wait until it finish. Log that show maybe in russian language and will return weird symbols on your computer so it normal
  4. Process to install maybe just need 5-10 second and your device will reboot automatically after finish installation. 
  5. Wait until boot normally and now you can disconnect your device.
  6. Done, confirm that TWRP v2.8.6.1 already install on your device by boot to recovery mode.
Congratulations, You already successful to install custom recovery TWRP v2.8.6.1 on Lenovo S580, please leave any comments if you found problems or broken links regarding this guide, Thank You

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  1. Is there any possibility for installing lollipop on Lenovo s580?

    1. Hi,
      Still there is no news about lollipop on Lenovo S580

    2. Hi
      I did what you said exactly it did come up with the Russian words and samples then the phone is stuck on the lenovo logo and i don't know if i should disconnect it or what??

    3. if after installing custom recovery and your phone stuck then the recovery is not for your phone, try to restore to standard recovery again, if you dont have standard recovery file then find on this guide, when flashing just flash or just check the recovery only.

  2. when i flash the TWRP its hanging and not restart

    1. Try do normal boot, if still cannot do reflashing recovery again.

  3. really thanks for ur respond
    i need to inform u as i made double check and re-flashed again and we when i re-flashed through the CMD it says finished but the phone when it made the restart it's stopped on the Lenovo logo and do nothing so after while i removed the usb i got error on the CMD told me ( failed many links)
    and the phone still on the Lenovo screen so i made the turn off and on again and when i try to install supersu and update it appear failed to update
    so i really appreciated to help me if i miss something or not :)

    1. can you tell me what is your phone detail, look like the custom recovery is not fit with your device or firmaware. so tr look at about phone and tell me the firmware version and the device.
      to fix your device you need to install standard recovery back to your device, follow this but when check the firmware remove all check list and just check recovery only

    2. sorry for late reply
      Model : S580
      Android : 4.4.2
      Kernal : 3.4.0
      Build : S580_S112_150901_Row
      CPU Model : Qualcomm MSM8212
      Number of core : Quad-core
      Ram :1G
      Rom :8G
      CPU Frequency : 1.2GHz

    3. I think it because your firmware,try update first then install the custom recovery again.

  4. sir, how can i restore my stock rom. when i flash the twrp my phone got boot loop. pls. help me. Build : S580_S211

    1. follow this guide, it will restore all your firmware to stock

    2. Any issues with already rooted devices. My S580 is rooted. So same process as above or i need something diferent?

    3. rooted device is more easy, try using mobileuncle and the flash recovery from there. no need to use flash tool.